Friday, 18 July 2008

Day One - The Beginning.

Okay, so this is the start of it all. Today, Jay and I are attempting to summarise the chapters for this. I think I have to stress the attempting part of this. It may take a while - although we are up to Chapter 10 (Interrogations) already, thanks to the lovely Jay. We still need to get the rest of the... ahem... "cast" to veto everything.

A few months ago, at our local bus station, we were (as Twilight readers often do) discussing the books, and songs that (as music lovers often do) we had listened to and thought of while reading. Things spiralled... a lot, and by the time the buses came, we'd hit on the idea of making a musical.
That's something you should know. If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that we love musicals (e.g. at this minute, RENT is playing while I'm writing).
Of course, the chances of Twilight being made into a musical are really slim. I doubt very many people would agree to it; judging from some of the fansites that I've checked in the past few days, it's not a very popular idea.
But we thought that it might good fun - and that was really the basis of it. We would have a laugh while putting songs to the book.
Things spiralled once again. Characters were allotted, songs were decided, settings picked, we started this blog... it all went from there. So now, we're trying to script a musical. It's not a big production - we're not writing our own songs, and it is purely a parody. We have a camera, a group of friends - Twilight lovers, haters and have indifferent-ers - and a laptop - and now a blog and a bebo (

As we do more work on this (script-writing, shooting), we'll post updates, clips, bloopers (and there will be a lot of them), pictures and that sort of thing - even though it is only impromptu, we figured we may as well have as much fun as possible, and if people are interested in it and enjoy it - well, that's a brilliant bonus.

And by the way - this is not going to be accurate. Please don't stone us with copies of the book for leaving this out, or leaving that out. It's just a parody, just a bit of fun, and as much as we'd love them to, our magical powers won't let us do everything...

So - the first post. And I still haven't done my share of the summarising. I'd better get on with this, if we're going to get this finished before next year...


P.S. In case this has been missed, I'm going to repost the disclaimer at the side of the page in this post -

Disclaimer: We do not own Twilight, or any of the songs that are to be used. We are in no way affliated with the Twilight Series, Stephenie Meyer, or her publishers - or with the writers or performers of any of the songs we will be using. This is purely a parody; a bit of fun between friends that we think other people might enjoy. =]

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